Terms and condition

Last updated 30 March 2023

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before you use the services.
These Terms and Conditions of Service is a legal agreement (this "Agreement") between you ("user," "you" or "your") and Palremit ("Palremit," "we," "our", or "us"), a payment gateway by [Name of Company Limited]. As used in this Agreement, 'Service” refers to Palremit's international remittance and payment-processing services, as well as our website, any components, documentations, hardware, internet-based services, programs, software, tools, and any updates (including software maintenance, service information, help content, bug fixes, or maintenance releases) provided to you by Palremit, directly or indirectly. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms of Service. You can always view the current Terms and Conditions of Service on the Palremit web page, 'Terms of Service'.

Palremit may offer the Services by exclusively integrating third-party platforms or websites. These third-party platforms or websites might have their own terms of service and Privacy Notice. Palremit's Terms and Conditions of Service incorporates, by reference, all notices, policies, and other content that appear on our website at https://www.palremit.com/ and its third-party websites.

With Palremit, you enjoy access to international money transfer and payment solutions from Africa to the world, enabling you to open a Palremit e-Wallet to complete transactions using your credit/debit cards, bank accounts, and cryptocurrencies; and to integrate Palremit as a checkout on your website, enabling you to accept payments with cards, bank accounts, and cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world.


Whenever you use our Services, you consent to the collection, storage, transfer, and use of your information as described in this Privacy Notice. This includes any information you choose to provide that is deemed sensitive under applicable laws and regulations.

The terms on which we process any personal information that we collect from you or that you provide to us are described in our Privacy Notice. The Privacy Notice is incorporated into these Terms, and by using the Services, you agree to the Privacy Notice and consent to the processing of any personal data described in the Privacy Notice, and you warrant that all data that you provide to us is accurate.


We may amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time. You should visit the Palremit website regularly to check when the Terms and Conditions were last updated (as displayed at the top of this document) and to review the current Terms and Conditions. We will do our best to notify you of any amendments to the Terms and Conditions that we consider likely to materially affect your rights and obligations.

Any such notice will be posted on our Site, or sent by email to the address associated with your Palremit account. The continued use of your Palremit account, after any amendment to these Terms and Conditions, constitutes your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, as modified by such amendment. If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions, or any amendment to them, you must immediately stop using the Palremit Site and your Palremit account.


You are responsible for the software, device, and other hardware, Internet service, and mobile data service (and all associated fees) that you need to access and use the Services. We currently charge transaction fees for the Services and reserve the right to change these fees in the future. If we change our fees, you will be given thirty (30) days' prior notice by means of an amendment to these Terms and Conditions prior to the fees becoming effective.

3.1 Eligibility:

  • You are 18 years of age or over and have full capacity to accept the Terms and Conditions and enter any transaction available through the Palremit Site;
  • You will not open or attempt to open an Account under any name except your own, or use your Account to carry out transactions on behalf of a third party;
  • You will follow the Palremit account sign-up process if you seek to open and use a Palremit account for a non-individual legal entity (e.g. a company, trust or partnership);
  • You will not have more than one Palremit account; use or access any Palremit account other than your own; or assist any other person in obtaining unauthorized access to any Palremit account;
  • You will provide security for transactions carried out through your Palremit Account by ensuring there is sufficient Local Currency or cryptocurrency (as the case may be) in your Palremit account in advance of any transaction;
  • You will not allow or facilitate the withdrawal of Local Currency from your Palremit Wallet to a bank account held in the name of a third party;
  • You will not use your Palremit Account for or in relation to any illegal activity, any Prohibited Activity, or in violation of any applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, or regulations.

Any capitalized terms used in this Eligibility section shall have the meaning given to them in these Terms and Conditions. Reference in these Terms to 'Local Currency” means fiat or government issued currency (e.g. NGN, GBP, USD, EUR, ZAR).

By opening a Palremit Account, you accept and agree that Palremit may, without further notice and in its sole discretion, terminate, suspend, or restrict the account of any customer who uses, or who we reasonably suspect may be using the Palremit Site or any Palremit Account in a manner that is inconsistent with the letter or spirit of these Terms and Conditions

3.2 Your Palremit Account:

You will be required to create an account (Account) to use certain features of the Services. When you create an Account, you must comply with the verification and setup process in order to use these Service features.

You agree that you will maintain your Account information to ensure that it is always current, complete, and accurate. If you provide untrue, incomplete, misleading, or inaccurate information, you understand that we have the right to terminate your Account and forbid any further use of the Services.

3.3 Your Palremit e-wallet:

"Palremit Services" means all of our products and services and any other features and functionalities offered by us on our website or through other means, which include exchanging currencies on-demand at the best rate possible, holding multiple currencies at the same time without having currency-specific local accounts, paying for goods and services anywhere in the world with any chosen currency, moving local currencies into local accounts as desired, exchanging fiat for cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

Once you create a Palremit Account, the Services will enable you have access to your Palremit e-Wallet from where you will be able to fund your wallet through your credit/debit card to wallet, crypto to wallet, and bank account to wallet; and transfer funds from wallet to wallet, wallet to account, or wallet to crypto. The e-Wallet is part of the Services. Palremit will not have custody or control of your e-Wallet. You agree to protect the security of your Account and your device.

You are also solely responsible for placing security measures on your device. You are responsible for all use of your Account, including your login credentials (i.e. username and password) and activation codes and passwords. Palremit treats access to the Services through your Account credentials as authorized by you. Unauthorized access to password-protected or secure areas is prohibited and may lead to criminal prosecution. Please immediately notify Palremit using the contact information below if you believe that information you provided to us is no longer secure or if you need to deactivate your Account or password.

3.4 Availability of Services:

We do not guarantee availability of the Services at all times of the day. The availability of the Services may be subject to limitations, delays, and other problems inherent in the use of the Internet and electronic communications, blockchain network congestion, or network issues, all of which are out of the control of Palremit.

3.5 Updates to the Services:

Palremit may from time to time perform upgrades, updates, bug fixes, or error corrections to the Services (Updates) or otherwise make the Services unavailable.

To the maximum extent authorized under applicable law, we reserve the right to change, remove, delete, restrict, block access to, or stop providing any or all of the Services at any time and without notice. Except as expressly agreed in writing, Palremit has no obligation to provide access to or support for the Services and is not responsible for any delay, delivery failure, or other damage resulting from use of the Services. Updates are part of the Services and subject to these Terms and Conditions. Your continued use of the Services after the Effective Date constitutes your acceptance of the Updates.

3.6 Licence to use the site:

If you comply with these Terms and Conditions of Service, Palremit grants you the limited right to use the Site and the Services. The right to use the Site and the Services is a personal, restricted, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable, limited licence, and it is subject to the limitations and obligations in these Terms and Conditions of Service.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions of Service gives you any licence (other than as set out in this paragraph), right, title, or ownership of, in, or to the Site, any of the Services, or the Palremit Marks. The Site may suspend or terminate the Services to you, your Palremit account, Palremit e-Wallet, or Palremit card at its sole discretion, as required by applicable Laws or where Palremit determines that you have violated, breached, or acted inconsistent with any of these Terms and Conditions of Service.

3.7 Restriction on Your Use of the Services:

You may use the Services for lawful, non-commercial purposes only. You agree that you will not (and you agree not to encourage or allow any third party to):

  • Breach, test, circumvent (or attempt to breach, test or circumvent) any security, copy protection or rights management feature in the Services or otherwise attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Services, other users' Accounts or Palremit's computer systems or networks;
  • Copy, modify, translate, adapt, or otherwise create derivative works or improvements (whether or not patentable) of any part of the Services;
  • Decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or decode the Services or otherwise attempt to derive or gain access to the source code of any part of the Services (unless applicable laws specifically prohibit such restriction);
  • Remove, alter, or obscure any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property or proprietary notices contained in the Services;
  • Use any robot, spider, site search/retrieval application or other automated device, process or means to access, retrieve, scrape, data mine, or index any portion of the Services;
  • Distribute, rent, sublicense, lease, lend, sell, resell, assign, transfer, transmit, stream, broadcast, or otherwise make available or exploit any features or functionality of the Services including through time-sharing, use of service bureau or by otherwise making the Services available on a network on which they are accessible by more than one device at any time;
  • Reformat or frame any portion of the web pages that are part of the Services without Palremit's written consent;
  • Negligently, recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally transmit or upload any material that contains viruses, time bombs, trojan horses, worms, malware, spyware, or any other programs that may be harmful or dangerous;
  • Cause or launch any programs or scripts for the purpose of unduly burdening or hindering the operation and/or functionality of any aspect of the Services or otherwise interfere with others' use and enjoyment of the Services;
  • Create an Account under fraudulent pretences;
  • Engage in abusive, deceptive, defamatory, fraudulent, harassing, hateful, libellous, obscene, pornographic, threatening, violent, or otherwise offensive or unlawful acts or behaviour;
  • Collect or store Personal Information (as defined in the Privacy Notice)about or otherwise invade the privacy of any other user without his or her express prior written consent; or
  • Attempt to circumvent or evade any content filtering or blocking techniques we employ, or attempt to access the Services from anywhere other than a Permitted Region, as defined below.

3.8 Agency:

You appoint Palremit as your agent to receive payments on your behalf and hereby acknowledge that Palremit is acting as your payment collection agent to receive funds through the Sservices described in these Terms of Service, including via the payments made to your Palremit Account. Accordingly, at the time of Palremit's receipt of funds from payers as your payment collection agent, the payment obligations of such payers to you for such funds shall be deemed to be satisfied, unless otherwise stipulated. Other than acting as your agent for the limited purpose of receiving payments, Palremit is not your agent or trustee for the purpose of carrying out the sale of products or services that are paid for with the Palremit Services.

3.9 SMS Services:

The Services may offer text messaging (SMS or MMS) services for registered users. Message and data rates may apply. Once you opt-in to receive text messages from Palremit, the frequency of text messages that we send to you depends on your transactions with us. All charges are billed by and payable to your wireless service provider. Please contact your wireless service provider for pricing plans and details. Text message services are provided on an 'as is” basis and may not be available in all areas at all times. By agreeing to receive text messages, you understand and agree that Palremit may use an automatic dialling system to deliver text messages to you and that your consent to receive text messages is not required as a condition of purchase for any goods or services.


Our Right to Terminate or Suspend:

Palremit has the right at its discretion and without liability to you, with or without prior notice, with or without your consent, to temporarily terminate or permanently terminate your access to all, part, or any of our her Sservices.

In cases of violation of our Terms of Service, Palremit reserves the right to remedy such violations in accordance with law and in equity, including, without limitation, the right to restrict, suspend, or terminate your account or deny you access to the Services without notice; and whenever the need to cooperate with law enforcement regarding enquiries, or need to comply with law arises, Palremit shall be entitled to disclose information including, but not limited to, your user identity, and personal details


You agree and accept that Palremit has the right to cancel transaction and restrict, and terminate your account without notice in the following situations, but not limited to these situations:

  • Where we suspect that you are acting in breach of this agreement; that your account is being used for or associated with fraud, money launderingry, terrorism financing, and any other financial crimes or fraudulent activity;
  • Where your name appears in any governmental sanction list; that you are taking any action that may circumvent our controls such as opening multiple Palremit accounts or abusing promotions offered;
  • Where your account is subjected to operational error or other error which may require us to suspend your account pending when such errors are treated;
  • Where we have reason to believe that another Palremit account provided by us or one of our group companies is held by you and has been used for any fraudulent activity, money laundering, terrorism financing, or other criminal activity; or without limitation of these conditions,
  • Where you violate or we have reason to believe that you are in violation of any law or regulation that is applicable to your use of our services.

4..1.2 Regarding suspension, you agree that we may suspend your Palremit account at any time if:

  • We reasonably believe that your Palremit Account has been compromised or for other security reasons; or
  • We reasonably suspect that your Palremit account has been used, or is being used, without your authorization, or used fraudulently; and we shall notify you either prior to the suspension or, if prior notification is not possible under the circumstances, promptly after the suspension unless we are prohibited by law to notify you.

4..1.3 Together with a termination notice, or at any time thereafter, we may give you instructions on how to withdraw remaining funds.

4.2 Your Right to terminate:

You may terminate this Agreement by closing your Account at any time. When you close your Account, any pending transactions will be cancelled. Any funds that may be held for you by us at the time of closure, less any applicable fees, will be paid out to you according to an agreed pay-out schedule, assuming all pay-out-related authentication requirements have been fulfilled (for example, you may not close your Account as a means of evading your pay-out schedule).

If an investigation is pending at the time you close your Account, Palremit may hold your funds as described herein. If you are later determined to be entitled to some or all of the funds in dispute, Palremit will release those funds to you.

4.2 Effect of Termination:

Palremit will not be liable to you or any third party for termination of access to the Service, deletion of your information or Account data, or export of your information or Account data.

We will not be liable to you for compensation or damages in connection with any termination or suspension of the Service. Any termination of this Agreement does not relieve you of any obligations to pay any fees or costs accrued prior to the termination and any other amounts owed by you to us as provided in this Agreement.


If a dispute arises between you and Palremit, our goal is to learn about and address your concerns and, if we are unable to do so to your satisfaction, to provide you with a neutral and cost effective means of resolving the dispute quickly. Disputes between you and Palremit regarding the Palremit Services may be reported to [email protected]at any time.

5.2 Arbitration.

For any claim (excluding claims for injunctive or other equitable relief) where the total amount of the award sought is less than $10,000.00 USD (or other currencies equivalents), the party requesting relief may elect to resolve the dispute in a cost-effective manner through binding non-appearance-based arbitration. If a party elects arbitration, that party will initiate such arbitration through any other established alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider mutually agreed upon by the parties. The ADR provider and the parties must comply with the following rules: (a) the arbitration shall be conducted by telephone, online, and/or be solely based on written submissions.

The specific manner shall be chosen by the party initiating the arbitration; (b) the arbitration shall not involve any personal appearance by the parties or witnesses unless otherwise mutually agreed by the parties; and (c) any judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction.


5.3 Law and Forum for Disputes.

Except as otherwise agreed by the parties or as described in this provision, you agree that any claim or dispute you may have against Palremit must be resolved by a court located in Nigeria or where the defendant is located. You agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the courts located within Nigeria for the purpose of litigating all such claims or disputes. This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Nigeria as such laws are applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within Nigeria, without regard to conflict of law provisions.

5.4 Confidentiality.

The arbitration proceeding and all information submitted, relating to or presented in connection with or during the proceeding, shall be deemed confidential information not to be disclosed to any person not a party to the arbitration. All communications, whether written or oral, made in the course of or in connection with the Claim and its resolution, by or on behalf of any party or by the arbitrator or a mediator, including any arbitration award or judgment related thereto, are confidential and inadmissible for any purpose, including impeachment or estoppel, in any other litigation or proceeding; provided that evidence shall not be rendered inadmissible or non-discoverable solely as a result of its use in the arbitration.

5.5 Improperly Filed Litigation.

All claims you bring against Palremit must be resolved in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

All claims filed or brought contrary to thesethis provisions shall be considered improperly filed and a breach of this Agreement. Should you file a claim contrary to this provision, Palremit may recover attorneys' fees and costs (including in-house attorneys and paralegals) up to $1,000.00 USD, provided that Palremit has notified you in writing of the improperly filed claim, and you have failed to promptly withdraw the claim.

5.6 Time Limitation.

All claims you bring against Palremit must be resolved in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. All claims filed or brought contrary to thesethis provisions shall be considered improperly filed and a breach of this Agreement. Should you file a claim contrary to this provision, Palremit may recover attorneys' fees and costs (including in-house attorneys and paralegals) up to $1,000.00 USD, provided that Palremit has notified you in writing of the improperly filed claim, and you have failed to promptly withdraw the claim.

5.7 Class Actions.

Any arbitration under this Agreement will only be on an individual basis. Class arbitrations, class actions, private-attorney general actions, and consolidation with other arbitrations are not permitted, and you are waiving your rights to have your case decided by a jury (assuming the jurisdiction operates a jury system), and you are also waiving your right to participate in a class action against Palremit.


f you have any issues or questions in relation to these Terms and Conditions, your rights and obligations arising from them, or your use of the Site and Services, your account, or any other issue, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]